Tan Removing Bombs


"The original self tan erasing Bath Bomb, TAN BOMB is a powerful vegan friendly tan eraser and primer packed into one game changing product!" - This LEGIT sounds amazing right! 

We've all been there, put on a killer tan, then regardless of whether we love it or hate it, we eventually need to get it to come off before it wears away in random areas and we look like a bronze and white leopard! Blotch is not a good look.

Below are the various options of  GETTING A TAN....(None of these are laying out in the sun ladies, that's a big no no)

OPTION 1: "The do at home" in the bathroom trying not to get brown smudges on the walls as you maneuver about, praying to the tanning Gods you don't miss a bit and come out a striped mess, while panicking you didn't exfoliate your knees well enough.
OPTION  2: "The Spray Booth" where you try to hold your breath, but as soon as that freezing cold spray hits your face you inhale and swear you're going to be suffocated and pass out naked in front of the spray lady. 
OPTION 3: "The Gradual" tanning moisturiser where for some reason you have been creamy white for 28 years and SUDDENLY now you want to try a gradual tan to see how it goes.. Then you get irrationally impatient when it's been 24 hours and you're not a bronzed goddess yet! 


Then below are the options for GETTING OFF A TAN.....

Option 1: Tan Bomb

..........See that was a easy decision wasn't it! LOL

Give it a go, you won't be disappointed. 


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