What is Salty Sister?

Salty Sister is an organic, all-natural, talc-free sand removing powder. Safe for you, safe for your family, and safe for the ocean.

What is it made of?

Our perfected formula is the ultimate combination of natural and mineral powders and a few secret ingredients to rival the KFC Colonel himself. (No herbs, no spices, and no nasties: don’t worry!).


What Countries do you ship to?

Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and the UK!

If you are outside of these countries please contract us for assistance in placing your order...Happy to help!

 What sets you apart from any competitors:

Not only are we the only sand removing powder in Australia, we are the only
organic sand removing powder on the market! We even offer monthly giveaways to our Salty Tribe who tag us in their social media posts.

 I already use talc baby powder at the beach, what’s the difference?

Just Google Talcum powder and you'll see why it’s NO from us!  Plus, who wants to smell like a baby anyway? An even bigger no-no is the lavender-scented powder Aunt Esther uses. That’s not ideal either: Don’t be like Esther. Also see the above question and remember that we have been specifically formulated to remove sand, not stop nappy rash.


How do I use it?

1. Towel dry your body like normal 
2. Lightly shake Salty Sister powder onto either the palm of your hand or directly onto your body and rub into your skin.
3. Smile brightly as you enjoy your super smooth, totally sand-free body (Any left over powder on skin, simply wipe with towel).
Pro Tip: if your kids are super sandy with clumps of wet sand, get them to wash off in the ocean first and then towel dry like normal before using your Salty Sister.  Make sure you are not TOO wet upon application, or you could end up looking like human cake batter #RatherNotThanks. 

When is the best time to use Salty Sister?

Salty Sister is essential for every beach trip.

Best time to use it is:

*  At snack time: Sort out sandy hands in seconds
*  Time to reapply suncream: No rubbing suncream into sand-covered skin 
*  Home time: No more lining up for cold public showers with a trek back to the car with wet, squeaky thongs...or worse – skipping the shower and taking 1kg of sand home with you instead

How long will a bottle last?

Our 165g bottles will look after you for 40+ uses! Family bundles will be available soon so you can grab a few – but, we thoughtfully designed them to fit perfectly into your beach bag: without the heavy lifting.

Is this environmentally friendly?

Yes! Our bottle is fully recyclable (made from the same kind of plastic as your milk bottles so it can be recycled over and over again into new products once you're done). And, of course, the mineral powders won't upset the ocean, simply dissolving upon contact with water.

Safe for kids and babies?

Of course! It's perfectly safe for everyone in your family. Our mix of organic natural and mineral powders means it is safe for all external areas – even the sensitive creases around your bikini line (we all know how much sand likes to hide in there). Common sense goes a long way - as with any powder, don't deliberately inhale, and always read our instructions and safety warnings on the bottle: If you’re not sure about anything, stop use immediately.

Where can I buy it?

Right here on the official Salty Sister website!